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Looking for reliable footballstatistics feed
  Edjon, Apr 06 2013

Hi all,

long time I posted somethinh on Liquidpoker, although I frequently visit the website (especially the ROFL topic en spets1's blog).
I quit poker more than a year ago and I am now a kind of entrepreneur and I am in the middle of developing an online football (soccer) game. For this game I need reliable football statistics for the major competitions in Europe.

Of course I already did some internet research and found some interesting websites, like and, but I was wondering whether you might know some good websites for this info.

Thanks in advance!

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Las Vegas Buffets
  Edjon, Jun 08 2010

Hi everyone.

I made a website on Las Vegas buffets, with info and ratings on Vegas buffets. Since this is my blog I thought I can advertise it a little here
Visitors can rate and comment on buffets too. It would be great if I could get some comments to get the site going.

Las Vegas buffets

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Book Reviews
  Edjon, Dec 08 2009

Hi all,

The last couple of months I read a bunch of poker books and also wrote reviews on them.

Most of them are poker instruction books, but some are biographies or non-fiction stories. I try to write the reviews as critical as possible. So when I don't like it, I will argue why and vice versa.

Gus Hansen - Every Hand Revealed
Nice and fun read, but I think most players won't learn much from it.

Barry Greenstein - Ace on the River
About the life of a professional poker player.

Bob Ciaffone - Omaha Poker
A good book for players, who want to start omaha. Experienced players shouldn't read this.

Rolf Slotboom - Secrets of Professional Pot Limit Omaha
A more advanced book on PLO.

Anthony Holden - Big Deal
Anthony Holden - Bigger Deal
The story of a British writer who wants to be a poker pro. The first time in the eighties and the second time after the poker boom in the new millennium. Many interesting background stories.

Danny Ashman - Secrets of Short-handed No Limit Holdem
Book written by a high stakes online player. Gives insight in the factors influences decision making during poker.

Dan Harrington on Cash Games Volume I
Maybe this book is suitable for live players, but for online play this book contains a lot of non-optimal advice.

Nolan Dalla & Peter Alson - One of a Kind
Biography on Stu Ungar. A story of growing up in Manhattan, gambling and drugs.

Ian Taylor & Matthew Hilger - The Poker Mindset
A book on the right attitude for playing poker. I really liked this one.

I hope you appreciate and like these reviews.

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